SoulStyling - Coconut oil pulling bar


100% raw organic extra virgin coconut oil with health promoting essential oils

Based on the ancient Ayurvedic medicine practice...oil pulling is a simple effective detox and oral health practice.

The benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil can be felt in just a couple of days with longer lasting benefits when practiced for longer.

As a result of oil pulling you may experience improved dental health. Teeth may also become whiter, gums pinker and healthier looking with a fresher breath.

What makes it truly unique is that the health benefits don't stop in the mouth. It has the potential to promote health in nearly every area of the human body. Oil pulling is said to be a powerful means of maintaining good health as well as an effective solution for a variety of health issues.

The practice is simple. Soon after waking, before eating or brushing your teeth, break off a mouthful sized piece of the bar (approx 1 teaspoon) and swish around your mouth (for up to 20 minutes), in order to "pull" bacteria, parasites and other toxins from your teeth and mucous membranes. Do not swallow, spit out when complete.

• Simple Detox
• Joint Support
• Improve Breath
• Gum rejuvenation
• Whiter & Brighter Teeth
• Clearing bad oral bacteria

Safety Warning - External use only. Keep out of reach of children.

175g - 1 month's supply

No Plastic
Cruelty Free