Our story


 At Lifestyling Kitchen, we truly believe in the power of wholefoods and their ability to help the body flourish. We also believe that these foods, full of powerful nutrients can help the body back on a path to health and vitality lost in a world of junk food.

How can we help you? 

Want to lose weight?

 Adapt our salads to follow any of the mainstream programmes. You will be amazed how different you will feel (keep an open mind)!


Want to be more productive?

 Stop reaching for that afternoon sandwich, wrap, pasta pot. These will make you sluggish and you will fall asleep at your desk! Lower the refined carbs, reduce the stress on your pancreas and feel the benefits after a couple of days.


Want more energy?

Easy. Lifestyling Kitchen salads are loaded with vitamins and minerals all of your “5 a day”. When your body gets good at absorbing of all the benefits that come with these you will start to feel more energised naturally.

Add value to your family mealtime

 If, like me, you have children you will know how hard it is to get some buy in from the kids especially with all of the amazing stuff on offer to them in bright packaging on the supermarket shelves. Bring mealtime back and get them involved in understanding where fresh, natural produce comes from and how easy it is to eat healthily.

Suffer from gluten intolerance or IBD's?

 All Lifestyling Kitchen products are gluten free by design, you won’t find any hidden in the dressings either as they are all made from scratch from single ingredient origins. A game changer for the gut, it will thank you I promise.


Want to manage type 2 diabetes or better yet, take the first step in reversing it?

 well not easy and there is a lot more to it, but by reducing the load on your pancreas and by dropping your overall carbohydrate intake can make leaps and bounds into the management of this now hugely prevalent and life changing condition.

Want more time?

Definitely easy! 
For those of you who spend the time to prep a healthy meal every day or at the start of the week. Give yourself a week off and let us do it for you. Get back some of your leisure time. For those that don’t prep food for the week ahead, let us take the burden with healthy lunch delivery straight to your door.