Spanish potatoes


Potatoes, red onion, red and yellow peppers, and black olives cooked slowly in a mixture of tomatoes, paprika, chilli, thyme, and white wine. A warming rich flavoured dish for the humble potato. Served with a wedge of lemon.

Gluten free
Allergens - Celery 
Calories - 365

Delivered hot*

*For pre-orders (24-hours notice) one-pots can be delivered chilled or frozen (please specify in notes section of your order)

Heating instructions; 

The following are guidelines only. Some appliances may vary.

Hob: Empty contents into a saucepan. Heat gently for 5-6 minutes stirring occasionally.  Do not allow to boil.

To Microwave: Place lid loosely on top of pot and place pot on a microwavable plate. Microwave on full power for 2 minutes, stir and re-cover. Microwave on full power for a further 1 minute. Allow to stand for 1 minute before serving. Care should be taken when removing lid as steam will escape. Handle carefully to avoid scalding. Instructions are based on a 900W microwave. For lower wattage ovens, heating time should be increased.

Ensure food is piping hot before serving. Do not reheat.